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Confidently Moving Oversized Structures... It's Just What We Do
Marcus Building Movers, of Raymond, MN, is a structural moving contractor that has been relocating everything from playhouses to large commercial buildings since 1975.

Your "uncommon" move might not be so uncommon to us. As a third generation company we have moved thousands of standard and irregular structures throughout our 40+ year history. We've pretty much seen it all, and we move anything. From houses to airport hangers, churches to commercial air conditioning units and everything in between, "you name it, we move it".

At Marcus Building Movers we operate with all of the assets needed to provide smooth and successful project completion. This includes proper licensing, insurance, up-to-date and well-maintained equipment, experienced and goal-oriented manpower, and the passion to preserve your structure at all costs. Even though we’re based in Minnesota, we still work year-round - summer, fall, spring and winter - making our manpower and moving services available whenever you need them.

Along with structural moving, we also provide the vital services of structural straightening / leveling and structural lifting for foundation work. Contact us for an estimate; we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.